December 13, 2007


For those of you who come here for your sporting news,* here's the link to MLB's Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball. Good news for Red Sox Nation: Eric Gagne was the only Sox player mentioned, and so far as Charlie can tell, RSN hates him already. So no loss there.

But intrepid reporter Spencer Ackerman wants to know: where's the Mitchell Report on Blackwater's steroid use? Oh snap, the man has a point! They're big; they have guns; they can't be held legally accountable; and they're probably juiced! And you thought Barry Bonds was an asshole. Come on Spence, rake some muck!

*Getting your sports news here is like going shoe shopping in Quantico: frustrating and rather lacking in variety.

UPDATE: Abu Muqawama here. How long before Yankees fans start bitching (not without reason) about Mitchell having been a director in the Red Sox organization while compiling the report? On the other hand, he did name Gagne, who was only traded last month. But you're a true master of sophistry if you can convince us that Gagne and his steroids were any kind of competitive advantage to the Red Sox last season. Man, that guy was awful.