March 06, 2008

Super Friends

A few friends of this blog have sent in stuff that, well, Abu Muqawama thinks you should read. First off, everyone's favorite counterin-sur-gen-say playa hayta, LTC Gian Gentile, has an article in the World Politics Review worrying about America's conventional capabilities. (One thing Gian and Abu Muqawama agree on 100% is that you should all read Avi Kober's new article on Israeli failings in the 2006 war. Now.)

Second, the MountainRunner, who is about 10 years older than Abu Muqawama yet drinks pitchers of Yuengling like Abu Muqawama once could back in the day on the mean streets of West Philly, has a response to another friend of the blog, Marc Lynch (Abu Aardvark), who challenged some folks to suggest what the next president should do in the public diplomacy game. Challenge accepted. You guys all know the MountainRunner's blog, right? Good.

All we know is that if the next president doesn't repeal the Smith-Mundt Act, you'll find MountainRunner naked on the roof of the Pentagon with a rifle.

Update: More from MountainRunner.