March 27, 2008

Sweet 16!

It's a Thursday in March, and that means basketball! As mentioned previously, AM has suspended trash-talking on account of having his ass handed to him in the first two rounds (that's what happens when you pick all the top seeds and there are TWO 12-13 match-ups in the second round). But Charlie, and her dad, took it on the chin for putting K-State and Pitt through to the Sweet 16; and Tennessee seems to have mysteriously survived.

So despite Charlie's significant lead in points, at the beginning of Rd 3, we all have about the same number of active teams...though Davidson's amazing upset (17 points down!) of the miserable Hoyas has deprived AM of a key Final Four pick. Charlie and her Dad still have 4 of 4, but he has foolishly picked Stanford over Texas in tomorrow night's match-up. It ain't over yet!

Vols and Traitorous Tarheels play tonight; Hawks play tomorrow (which Charlie will miss because of some ridiculous event known as "Mess Night"). Can she be fined for checking scores on her cell phone?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled assault on the Mahdi Army....