April 09, 2008

Tennessee Women

As you all know, Charlie is over the moon about her Jayhawks winning the NCAA championship. In case you haven't noticed, Kansas women take their basketball really seriously. You should see how fired up Charlie gets as she sits in the stands, cheering on the menfolk. We in Tennessee would love it if our women were like that, but well, they have other ideas.

Update: Abu Muqawama's basketball-coaching mother sent him this priceless report from the local newspaper on Candace Parker. She dreams of coaching players like this:

"After she missed a shot underneath the basket early in the second half, Parker demanded the ball back from point guard Shannon Bobbitt. Bobbitt relented, and Parker sank a shot while being fouled. 'And one! Get off me! And I got fouled the first time!' she screamed as teammates surrounded her."