April 16, 2008

The Blogging Genius of Iraq

A few months ago, one of our readers pointed out this new blog being written by a lieutenant currently serving in Iraq. Gang, this man is a genius. This post is probably Abu Muqawama's favorite thus far -- a humorous take on the advising mission:

LT G: “Can I ask you guys a few questions about Anu al-Verona?”

Shady McShaderson: “IPs are on patrol. No sleep. Patrol.”

Bulldozer: “Yes. No sleep. We promise. IPs are on patrol.”

LT G: “Yes, yes, I understand. IP’s zien! (Arabic for good.) IP’s zien!” (Accompanied by obnoxious American thumbs up.)

Shady McShaderson: “Zien!” (Accompanied by awkward Iraqi thumbs up.)

LT G: “The questions are not for a report. They are for my blog.”

The Unibrow: “Eh?”

Bulldozer: “Bog?”

LT G: “(mumbling to myself about Biggie’s questionable whereabouts.) It’s a computer thing. For back in America.”

Shady McShaderson: “Ah! Very good! Like television?”

LT G: “Kind of.”

Bulldozer: “LT will make us famous! On the television!”

LT G: “Umm … sure. Famous. Most of my countrymen don’t like reading anything more substantive than about some Hollywood starlet’s latest meltdown, but you got as good a chance as any at getting famous through my blog.”

The Unibrow: “Eh?”

Another great post can be found here. Anyway, check out this nut's blog. He needs to write a book when he's done with this tour.

Speaking of Iraq, this makes Abu Muqawama angry. Let me tell you, folks, this is proof the U.S. of A. is going down the tubes when a man can't look after his boy's dogs while he's away at war.