November 27, 2007

The Democrats and Gen. Sanchez

"Why he has chosen all of a sudden to attempt to return to public attention, and why he would do it in an overtly partisan way, frankly baffles me," said Bacevich, whose son was killed in Iraq. "And why the Democratic leadership would say, 'Yes, this is the guy who is going to deliver our message' is just baffling. He is a largely discredited figure."

Has any issue recently confused Abu Muqawama's bi-partisan readership more than the decision of the Democratic Party to choose the walking, talking face of military incompetence to be its point man on Iraq? This is exactly the kind of stuff that gives the Democratic Party a bad name on national security issues. The party sees stars and goes all weak in the knees...

Update: Charlie, here. She's pretty sure that AM is just posting these links now as part of an effort to get her to recreate her profane Thanksgiving Day rant. It's one thing to be all star-struck for generals, but why do they have to have such bad taste? You want to fawn over flag officers? Fine. Pick one of these. They'll look good on camera AND none of them are responsible for the biggest $&#* up of the entire war. Charlie is really wishing that one of the Dem presidential candidates speaks out against Sanchez and his obscene rewriting of history. (Obama advisors, are you listening?)