March 05, 2009

The Getaway

Pakistani television has now aired CCT footage of the Lahore gunmen escaping from the clutches of the Pakistani police. (h/t The Lede)

The Pakistani police doesn't exactly seem hot on their trail, which is perhaps cruel to say given the number of Pakistani officers who died in the attacks (six). Here's something, though. If you feel the need to write "elite" on your vehicle, you probably ... aren't. (Please, Londonstani, don't start on Punjab.)

Might the U.S. and its allies play a role in developing serious counter-terror forces in Pakistan? Because the Pakistani authorities seem more concerned with Stuart Broad's dad than they do with finding out what went wrong.

UPDATE: Londonstani here: OK, I'll leave the Punjab baiting out of it. But I'd like to point out that the lady doing the commentary on the second clip is even more surprised than AM.
"We were all astonished to see not only that these people were traveling on a motorbike but that men can be seen wearing trousers and t shirts and walking as if they are doing a bit of shopping without a trace of fear or concern...."