September 30, 2007

The Horrors of War

Speaking of Phil Carter, he sent along this article by Damien Cave from Iraq, knowing the unit profiled -- the most deployed unit in the U.S. Army since 9/11 -- was the first unit with which Abu Muqawama went to combat, in Afghanistan. His advice was to take a stuff drink before reading this article, and though it's the Lord's Day, Abu Muqawama has to pass on that advice to you as well. This is depressing stuff:

Specialist Herb, a member of the unit searching for nitric acid, said that when he moved into his trailer in July, his trailer’s blinds were still spotted with dried blood from the lieutenant who killed himself. After cleaning the mess, he said, he now sleeps just fine. “Me and my roommate flipped for who was going to live on that side,” he said, sitting behind the wheel of a grumbling Humvee. “I lost.”