May 10, 2011

The Least Encouraging Sentence You Will Ever Read in the Washington Post

From an article today by Greg Miller and Karen Brulliard:

The Washington Post does not typically publish the names of intelligence
officers working undercover.

Well! Can you hear that big sigh of relief coming from the direction of Langley? 

In all seriousness, there is a lot of good stuff in this article, including the revelation that there was a QRF on the ground in Pakistan. The article ends with a conclusion that echos my own: Pakistan's civilian leaders will squander a rare opportunity to push back against the deep state.

Yet even some in the government express concern that Zardari and
Gillani — who usually seem occupied with keeping their teetering
coalition government afloat — have missed a chance to capitalize on the
army’s failures. Some acknowledge that after three years of ceding the
national security portfolio to the military, it is difficult for them to
take a stance now.


“When you have an opening and an opportunity,
you have to have someone willing to capitalize on it,” said Cyril
Almeida, an editor at Dawn. “And I don’t know whether the present
civilian government has the capacity or the will to do anything.”