July 27, 2011

The Peak of Absurdity?

Tripoli and other Qadhdhafi-held areas of Libya are now suffering from crippling shortages of both food and fuel. I want to prepare you all for the very real possibility that the United Nations or other multi- or international organizations will have to provide humanitarian relief to the people of Tripoli in the near future -- because the international community earlier intervened on behalf of Libyan rebels and has now enabled those rebels to march on those areas loyal to Qadhdhafi. If you're confused by war waged via the logic of humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect ... you're not alone.

UPDATE: From a reader...

FYI, WFP has been sending in thousands of metric tons of food to
Gaddafi controlled areas for well over a month, purchase with funding
from USAID, among others.


Ostensibly this food is being distributed by the Libyan Red Crescent
to various bakeries from distribution to the public, but trust me when I
say they have absolutely know way to verify this.


I've been participating in this "humanitarian intervention" since the
end of February, and I really don't have a fucking clue what we're
doing here.