February 19, 2008

The Sentinel

Abu Muqawama was searching around the Combating Terrorism Center site and noticed Gen. Wayne Downing passed away last summer while Abu Muqawama was in Morocco. Man, if we had noticed that when it happened, we would have written a nice obit. Now Abu Muqawama feels like a jackass for just finding out about it. That guy was a complete badass. For real. Read his wiki-bio here.

Anyway, the reason Abu Muqawama was wandering around the CTC website was because he knew their new edition of the Sentinel was out and wanted to take a look. You guys should all check this out. The editor, Erich Marquart, is a really smart guy who West Point stole from the Jamestown Institute. And this journal -- now in its third issue -- is a welcome new addition to the national security literature that's out there. Well done, Erich.

(As one of our readers pointed out, there are some controversial recommendations in there by Richard Clarke, the former White House counter-terror adviser, who basically supports a shift in focus from fighting "the terrorists" in places like Iraq to really buckling down and doing a lot of those things we probably should have done in the immediate years after 9/11, which include improving our defenses at home. Anyway, check it out. He gives the intelligence community a good slapping around.)