February 14, 2008

Thinking for Failure

How can we still have it so wrong!

Today (thank you Danger Room for posting this important article) the Army moved its entire Reimer Digital Library containing doctrinal publications behind a password protected firewall. The documents that we accessible in the library to you, Joe Public, were unclassified documents approved for public release.
This means they could be shared with our allies, other services, and, yes, snoopy reporters who could ask why much of our doctrine still looks poised to defeat a non-existent Soviet threat (and, Kip's sure someone will scream, the enemy--trust Kip on this one, the already knows our tactics because he actually SHARES information and ADAPTS, unlike us).

Oh, by the way, updating the Army Knowledge Online password requires a Combined Access Card (CAC) reader. Otherwise, after 100 days, the password goes bad. Hey, you pencil-pounding, never been outside the TOC, sack of...ok, you get my point...guy who made this decision. Kip and his crew didn't have access to a CAC reader for most of his deployment, and yes, he did need stuff from the Reimer library to share with Coalition partners and Afghans (and for himself, thank you).

Many of these documents, by the way, are too big to email. So when Kip wants to share something important with, say, his Norwegian partner in Afghanistan, he can now no longer do so.

Great move. Let's now classify everything in the Reimer Digital Library with a no foreign eyes caveat so that it becomes f*!@*ng impossible to use.

Kip needs to be done with leave soon, or he will really wish he didn't have this much time to read...