April 02, 2009

This guy was probably Kucinich's foreign policy adviser...

If I'm not being accused of being some wild-eyed reactionary (see yesterday's post on policing and the G20), then I'm being accused of being a godless liberal. A few weeks ago I wrote the following:

It's all well and good when some cartoonish clown like Ahmadinejad or Bush is in charge. When a conciliatory moderate is in charge but your interests still aren't alligned, that's when you see the real differences -- and you can't blame all your disagreements on the other side.

The reaction from parts of the readership was that I had been spending too much time in think tanks. "Andrew Exum is quickly becoming the Jim Cramer of foreign policy," one reader wrote. I have no idea what the hell that even means and don't follow the analogy, but I know this: it sure doesn't sound good.

Anyway, today, in the Washington Post, I read the following:

George W. Bush did the Europeans a huge favor by giving them the best excuse for inaction in transatlantic history.

Look, I don't know who this "Robert Kagan" guy is (or if that's even his real name), but it's obvious he is a raving left-winger who hates George W. Bush and America. So please, by all means write into the Post and let them know you do not approve of this pinko-communist they have on their op-ed page.

Update: This person in the picture below may or may not be Robert Kagan. It could also be Tim Hudson, though, judging from the hat and throwing motion.