April 03, 2008

This wouldn't be a problem if more Crimson Tide fans lived in Fayetteville

Okay, this is hilarious. (How is this related to COIN? Not by a lot, except you could probably draw a few lessons from this regarding population control.) You see, prison jumpsuits in the United States are generally orange in color. That's a problem, though, in Tennessee, where the University of Tennessee's color is also bright orange. Local authorities have found an innovative solution to the problem of escaped criminals being confused with law-abiding Volunteer fans.

In an effort to make jail inmates stand out from orange-clad Tennessee Volunteer fans, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department has adopted a bright pink uniform for inmates being transported.

"The whole purpose for this is when Nathan Childress escaped," said Sheriff Murray Blackwelder.

"He ran up the street with an orange uniform, and no one called us," he said.

Blackwelder says Lincoln County is in the heart of "Big Orange" country, so the pink uniforms will be a lot more noticeable.

The backs of the uniforms bear the words "Lincoln County inmate" in reflective fluorescent paint.

So far, the sheriff’s department has 60 of these uniforms.

Sgt. Julie Content is in charge of dying the white uniforms pink.