June 21, 2012

Thursday Tweets of the Week

From The Washington Post @washingtonpost: “Japan approves bringing first nuclear reactors back online since last year's tsunami: wapo.st/KIkt3v.”

The Washington Post reports that Japan has approved a plan to restart two reactors at the Ohi nuclear plant to avoid potentially crippling blackouts this summer.

From Andrew Holland @TheAndyHolland: “Why the RAND Report on Biofuels and the U.S. Military has it Wrong -americansecurityproject.org/blog/2012/why-… My @ConEnergyReport post up via@amsecproject.”

Andrew Holland of the American Security Project reviews a new RAND study on biofuels and argues that the report misses the strategic importance of developing alternatives to conventional petroleum fuel.

From the New Security Beat @NewSecurityBeat: “#Burma at a Crossroads for#Peacebuilding and Natural#Resource Governance ow.ly/bEcBzvia @earthinstitute.”

The New Security Beat cross posts to an article by Kirk Talbott on the Columbia University Earth Institute’s State of the Planet blog on the prospects for improvements in peacebuilding and natural resource governance in Burma.

From the Blogs of War @BlogsofWar: “Tense Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Moscow news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&….”

Blogs of War links to a report from The New York Times on the nuclear negotiations between Iran and other world powers in Moscow.