April 04, 2008

Tiny Insurgent?

First the boy stands at the door barking like a dog to be let outside.

Then he dumps his dinner on the floor and proceeds on a hunger strike.

This is followed by a bath in which he decides nothing can be more fun then Shamu-sized belly flops in order to soak his Dad.

Has my boy been sneaking a peak at the Mao on my shelf?
Any suggestions on the root cause?

Is there parenting advice to be found in Galula? FM 3-24?

Update: Abu Muqawama thinks your boy has been learning from Bobby Sands but doesn't recommend handling him the same way Thatcher did. You'll end up in jail. Bob Bateman has this advice:

This, friend, is your treasure. Jump INTO the damned tub with the tyke, clothes and all. Laugh with his amazement. Take the food on the floor, and (presuming it is soft) start a food fight with him. Dive into the chaos he has to live with as he sorts out our rules.

He is an alien to your culture.

Galula's advice, "learn his."

Now, since your objective is (um, rightly) changing his, you must first gain his acceptence. In this food fights and water belly flops (on your part) are invaluable. Screw whatever deadline you have.

And, friend, you will *never* get these chances again. EVER.

And who ever gets to throw peas and boiled carrots, gets caught by their wife, and has the legitimate excuse, "But dear, I was only following standard counterinsugency theory!"