April 08, 2008

Tom Ricks Is Sending Us Secret Messages/Insults

Abu Muqawama got home from Central London in time to hear Obama's first series of questions. He sounded stuttering and retarded until Abu Muqawama realized his internet connection was on the fritz. Then he started talking some sense (once the connection started working, funnily enough), stealing all of Abu Muqawama's questions and comments about how we have finite resources and how Iraq isn't the only show in town. (Remember Afghanistan, General?)

Oh, and Tom Ricks is calling Abu Muqawama out. He must have read our post earlier this morning and is talkin' smack. You talkin' smack, Ricks?

And Abu Muqawama apparently missed a hell of a match. The William IV in Leyton is missing the income it receives from the two pints of Guinness Abu Muqawama consumes each match. (Abu Muqawama is very disciplined. He makes each pint last one half of football.)