March 05, 2008

Tony Thomas, American Badass

Abu Muqawama has spent the past half hour reading Stéphane Taillat's excellent blog, which is now linked on the right. Thanks, Stéphane, for linking to this briefing by BG Tony Thomas from Iraq. Abu Muqawama was excited to read this briefing, mainly because it means that Tony Thomas is still in the Army and got promoted to general despite earning a reputation for pissing important people off during a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Army Ranger Regiment and, uh, another unit. No kidding, this guy is beloved by his former troops and is a complete badass. Abu Muqawama used to get nervous when he spoke to him, and Abu Muqawama almost never gets nervous. You can read his official bio here. An Army that continues to promote this man is an army that will win wars.