November 29, 2007

True Crime

Here are the latest highlights from the police blotter of Abu Muqawama's hometown newspaper:

Thieves got through four padlocks at the old Broadway Farm and Garden Supply on South Broad Street.

They also cut a chain at the rear entrance gate before taking a large amount of copper from inside.

The store was seized by federal authorities after the arrest and conviction of former owner Joe Swafford on charges of supplying ingredients to meth dealers.

* * *

Marquieta Swanson of E. 28th Street said a light brown Ford Taurus pulled up in front of her residence and two females got out. She said one was wearing a black hoodie and the other a red one.

She said the girls threw bricks through two of her front windows.

Ms. Swanson said she saw her ex-boyfriend driving the car.

Police said the former boyfriend had an alibi, and there was not enough evidence to arrest him.

* * *

Police responded to Pembroke Lane to handle a water fight between a husband and wife.

Mrs. Henry Roberts said they argued, then she poured a glass of water on her husband as he lay on the couch.

Mr. Roberts retaliated by pouring water on her.

* * *

On North Holly Street, a woman told officers she is sure she knows who took her car stereo. She said a vehicle passed by with the radio on "and it sounded just like mine."

The officer's note was "441 holds true." 441 is police code for mentally off.

* * *

A man on Shallowford Road told Officer David Cowan he looked out his window and saw a hairy eyeball attached to an alien.

Officer Cowan did a search, "but did not locate the hairy-eyeballed alien."