April 02, 2008

Trust us, Abu Muqawama will always find a way to blame every problem on the U.S. Air Force

Abu Muqawama finally got around to reading Bob Worth's article in today's New York Times on Mudher al-Kharbit.

In a sense, his predicament can be traced to the night of April 11, 2003, when he arrived back at his family’s palatial compound west of Baghdad to find the main house a heap of burning rubble. The American military had bombed it, having heard that Mr. Hussein was hiding there.

But instead of killing the Iraqi dictator, they had killed Mr. Kharbit’s older brother, Malik al-Kharbit — the very man who had led the family’s negotiations with the C.I.A. to topple Mr. Hussein.

The bombing also killed 21 other people, including children, and the fury it aroused has been widely believed to have helped kick-start the insurgency in western Iraq. That fact may have helped fuel American suspicion toward Mr. Kharbit.

Damn the U.S. Air Force! They caused the insurgency! We knew it!

But until now, Mr. Kharbit has not disclosed another crucial detail about the bombing: Mr. Hussein was, in fact, staying at the Kharbit family compound that night, with his two sons and his half-brother Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti. They were all in a smaller villa next to the one the bombs struck, and were not harmed.

Uh... [Abu Muqawama scratches his head, paces around the room a few times.] Damn the U.S. Air Force! For, uh, not, er, using a bigger bomb!