March 22, 2011

Two Administrative Notes

1. Man, is this overdue: Please join me in welcoming defense journalist and Iraq veteran Carl Prine to the blogosphere. Carl was long one of this blog's most incisive (if pseudonymous) commentators, and I have been harassing him for years to start a blog of his own. Carl and I have had many disagreements over the years, but my respect and admiration for him has never wavered. I will shortly add Carl's new blog to my blogroll -- as well as Laura Rozen's new home.

2. This is kind of hilarious, but if you enjoy my Twitter feed and have already seen your other bracket wrecked by the implosion of the Big East, compete in what the kids are calling Twitter Fight Club. Make your picks and send them to I am somehow a #1 seed, which probably means I spend too much time tweeting instead of writing and editing several long policy papers that are shortly due.

Speaking of, back to the salt mines...