November 09, 2010

Two Quick Links for Veterans

Veterans Day is approaching, and I wanted to post two quick links that all you Iraq and Afghanistan veterans should check out. The first is the new blog at Veterans Affairs, written in part by mil-blogger extraordinaire Alex Horton of Army of Dude fame. Good on the VA for hiring a young veteran to reach out to we internet natives who have fought since 2001. The second link is to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, an organization that my friend Paul Rieckhoff has grown into a pretty awesome voice for we veterans of the wars on evil-doers. I've just been impressed with the way in which Paul has built up a grass-roots organization to support his fellow veterans without letting it get compromised by the politics of the Right or Left. As soon as my lazy a$$ manages to scan my DD 214, I'm going to complete my own application and join. They're planning something called an online Veterans Day March which you can check out, but I think you have to join Facebook to participate, and that's just a bridge too far for me. (Sorry, Paul.)