April 18, 2008

UPDATE: Oops, sorry. We really did resupply the Taliban

And we really do suck at propaganda.

For those who read about information operations in Afghanistan on this blog and who read yesterday's post on how ISAF's only response to accusations of resupplying the Taliban was to say "not our helicopter," you will not be surprised to learn that, well, it actually was ISAF's helicopter.

"On March 25, a private helicopter company was contracted, on behalf of an ISAF unit, to resupply an Afghan National Police (ANP) outpost located in a remote mountain area" of Zabul provine, an ISAF statement said.

"Unfortunately, due to a human error in transcribing the latitude and longitude of the location, the load was dropped in another remote area," it added.

ISAF, now not just "I Suck At Fighting," but ISAFPCWP&RAGPS, "I Suck at Fighting, Planning, Campaign Writing, Propaganda, and reading a (frieking) GPS."

(and I'm talking as a whole--all of the individual contingents (well, except the Germans who are there for four month rotations to protect the force, not accomplish the mission) deserve praise for bravery at the battalion level and below)