May 22, 2009

USAF Serious About Irregular Warfare?

More good news from Inside the Pentagon?

The Air Force's top officials in charge of irregular warfare were briefed yesterday on new details of the service's sweeping plan to assert its role in such operations by bolstering ties with foreign militaries and buying new light attack aircraft, according to internal documents reviewed by Inside the Pentagon.

The previously undisclosed details concerning the proposed organization, force mix and personnel requirements to support the service's overarching IW effort were unveiled during a senior-level service powwow held at Air Combat Command headquarters at Langley Air Force Base, VA.

The specific requirements rolled out at yesterday's meeting were the result of analysis work conducted by "tiger team" officials led by the Air Staff's plans and programs directorate (A5), according the documents. ITP first reported Air Force efforts to bolster its IW capabilities in February.