January 31, 2008

Waterboardin' USA

The number of regular Americans who have waterboarded themselves is small. Some do it out of curiosity, some as a prank. All are voluntarily experimenting with something the U.S. military – along with most human-rights organizations -- considers torture.

Abu Muqawama favorite Yochi Dreazen has an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal on people in the U.S. who waterboard themselves. Seriously. WTF, people.

Alas, the WSJ password-protects all of its content. As a service to his readers, then, Abu Muqawama is extending a giant middle finger to Rupert Murdoch and re-printing Yochi Dreazen's piece, in full, in the comments section of this post.

P.S. "Wesley Sherwood, a teenager in Knoxville, Tenn., says he and his friends decided to try it to win an online dare contest hosted by the Web site Makemeking.com." East Tennessee: Leading the nation in dumbassery since 1796...