March 02, 2008

Week in Review: Best of the Best (25 Feb - 2 Mar)

We had a big week here at AM: lots of posts, lots of traffic. Here are the highlights:

Monday: No Better Time than Now...for the Navy

Tuesday: Economics of Assassination

Wednesday: An Adaptive Enemy

Thursday: Standing Athwart History, Yelling Stop!

Friday: Three Reasons to Worry About Iraq

Saturday: GEN Casey, meet LTG Caldwell

Sunday (Bonus!) : Kagan and Kagan on Odierno

By far the most traffic (and most comments) this week centered on our beloved blue suiters. Danger Room's reporting on Cyber Command's new blog restrictions got everyone's blood up; and we couldn't help ourselves when the Frogs beat out Boeing for the refueling tanker contract. Thanks to all the Instapundit readers who stopped by...there's more to come, so stick around!