March 16, 2008

Week in Review: Selection Sunday Edition!

[hums quietly: it's the most wonderful time...of the year!]

Here's this week's highlights; stick around for some roundball trash talking in the weeks to come. (Sorry about that whole Arkansas loss, AM. Hope you enjoy being UNC's 2 seed.)

Monday: Democracy or Musharraf

Tuesday: Extra! Extra! Cowardly peace-monger retires

Wednesday: McCain and EADS

Thursday: Brigades Can't Be Advisors

Friday: Falling Towers of Babble (nice pun, Kip)

Saturday: [crickets chirping...] (Go watch the Marines in Berkeley again)

Sunday: Olympic Hurdles (and! a new book club entry from Tom Ricks)

Keep your eyes peeled for AM's after-action on last week's COIN boondoggle. Charlie remains in her Fortress of Solitude for the foreseeable future.