May 06, 2009

What I'm reading...

The first rule for success in both Afghanistan and in blogging is to find yourself some dependable local Pashtun allies. So many thanks go out to Londonstani for covering for me these past few days. Back in DC, I am scrambling to get prepared for a meeting later this morning. On the ride to the meeting, though, I'll be reading two things:

  1. David Betz and Anthony Cormack on the British Army in Afghanistan and Iraq (Orbis -- password protected)
  2. Nadia Schadlow on Mexico in Small Wars Journal.

David and Anthony are friends/mentors from the UK, while Nadia and the Smith Richardson Foundation are generous patrons of many of your favorite security studies geeks.

And if you're really bored this morning, here's Bill Roggio, Bill Nagle and I talking about the new media and contemporary conflicts at the 2009 MilBlog Conference a few weekends back. (Thanks to Greyhawk for putting a fun panel together.)

Panel #4 - 2009 Milblog Conference from Nathan Long on Vimeo.