October 05, 2010

Where Did Alex Go? A Natural Security Blog Alum Update

You may often wonder to yourself, what happens to our natural security bloggers when they leave CNAS? In particular, what happened to Alex Stark?

As it turns out, she's in China speaking to the full UN assembly gathered for climate talks. GOOD reports Alex's comments to the group, including the following well-crafted line:

When I consider all that’s happening, I know we’re not defeated. Copenhagen’s disappointments have motivated us to keep going. We still must achieve our goals for an international agreement in line with what science and justice demand; but with a growing global movement we can do this.

It also quotes another blogger as saying that "Alex’s talk had ripple effects" among the crowd. We could not be more proud of Alex for kicking ass on climate change as she is. I suggest you all follow her on Twitter and on her blog as she shadows the U.S. climate change negotiators in China and later this year in Cancun...and also, start preparing now for the day when we'll all be working for Alex.