January 26, 2008

You Tube Mobile

A couple days ago, YouTube announced the release of a new version of You Tube Mobile that will allow access to You Tube over 3G networks for over 100,000,000 phones.

In addition to gaining access to YouTube's mobile video catalogue, new YouTube for Mobile features will let users personalize their use of the videos. For example, mobile users can access their accounts and YouTube Favorites, Videos and Channels. Another new feature allows mobile users to directly upload video from mobile devices.

This is important stuff for counterinsurgents. Insurgents have been dominating us in the Information Operations (IO) campaign, particularly in Afghanistan, where ISAF response times can be measured in days, months, and years. In both theaters, insurgents have dominated the terrain of the cell phone, and both theaters have 3G networks in some urban areas (Iraq over a much larger area than Afghanistan, where the network is confined to Kabul).

Now an insurgent (or us, if we equally empowered our commanders) can carry his cell phone into the fight (or simulated fight) and instantly upload the video to You Tube. He doesn't even have to live through the thing...