November 30, 2020

After 4 Years of Trump, China’s Abuses Are Worse Than Ever. What Biden Must Do To Stop Them

By ​Coby Goldberg

Joe Biden’s foreign policy team includes many familiar faces from the Obama Administration. Antony Blinken, Biden’s pick to be the next Secretary of State, was Deputy Secretary of State in January 2017. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was National Security Advisor to the Vice President at the time. The list goes on. But though the people are the same, the world and its challenges have changed, particularly when it comes to China.

Biden’s team is dealing with a more antagonistic and confident China than it was four years ago.

Biden’s team is dealing with a more antagonistic and confident China than it was four years ago, which means there will be no return to business as usual in U.S.-China relations.

Donald Trump spent the better part of his four years in office pursuing a trade deal with China. As negotiations (read: Chinese purchases of American soybeans) stalled and tensions rose, Trump made aggressive but erratic moves against individual Chinese companies.

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