July 19, 2017

Donald Trump Is Abdicating His Role as Commander in Chief

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump hosted several service members at the White House to discuss Afghanistan strategy over lunch. “We have plenty of ideas from a lot of people, but I want to hear it from people on the ground,” Trump told reporters before meeting the troops.

Meeting the troops is a fine thing for a commander in chief to do, but this kind of symbolic meet-and-greet doesn’t substitute for Trump actually doing his job. Our nation deserves an elected leader who will do more than delegate key decisions on war to the Pentagon. Our troops deserve a leader who will do more than promise to make the military great again. And if you’re going to meet the troops for lunch, Mr. President, by God, visit them in theater, like your two predecessors, so you get a glimpse of the hardships and sacrifices they’re making on your orders.

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