October 09, 2014

Learning from the Air Force: Why the Army Needs a Congressional Commission

By Nora Bensahel, David W. Barno and USA (Ret.)

Over recent months, tensions between the active U.S. Army and the U.S. Army National Guard have escalated dramatically. Instead of working as a team to manage the deep cuts to Army force structure and end strength, the two sides have withdrawn to their corners, donned their boxing gloves, and sparred bloodily about topics ranging from restructuring aviation assets to the degree of interchangeability between active and reserve forces. These battles are so contentious, and mutual distrust so high, that Congress is debating the creation of an independent commission to examine the future roles of active and reserve components of the Army. Although Washington commissions rarely solve tough problems, in this case a commission is essential to establish ground truth and serve as a catalyst to help restore trust among the Army’s components.

Read the full op-ed on War on the Rocks.

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