September 27, 2023

Operationalizing the United States, EU, and India Tech Triangle

Earlier this month, India hosted the G20 presidency, burnishing its credentials as a leader on the world stage. India’s growing geopolitical importance is clear, as both the United States and European Union have forged various initiatives to deepen cooperation with the country.

However, despite the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific region, the transatlantic partners did not mention the Indo-Pacific partners in the latest EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) joint statement. This is a notable oversight, as the global nature of supply chains and the technology ecosystem necessitates coordination between the Indo-Pacific and transatlantic partners. To foster deeper coordination, the transatlantic partners should approach New Delhi to serve as a bridge to the Indo-Pacific.

The EU and the US should be able to balance low-hanging fruit and impactful deliverables in their relationship with India.

Currently, the transatlantic approach to the Indo-Pacific has been piecemeal, with the US and the EU establishing their own bilateral partnerships and small coalitions in the region. One reason the EU-US TTC has opted not to cooperate with countries in the Indo-Pacific stems from the debate between the US and Europe over China policy. Despite these differences, cooperation is possible and formal coordination between Indo-Pacific countries and the EU-US TTC would be a force multiplier for an affirmative agenda on technology globally.

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