August 03, 2020

The US needs a new techno-democratic statecraft: Start with 5G

The United States is drafting the opening lines of what will likely be a chapter of tremendous consequence in its history: a new strategic competition, a contest of economic power rooted in technological capability. At stake is America’s influence on the world stage and the efficacy and resilience of liberal democracy. The leaders in adopting emerging technologies and those who shape their use will garner economic, military, and political strength for decades. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party are scripting the rival narrative.

To effectively compete, the United States needs a new strategy and a comprehensive commitment to technological leadership.

For too long, America’s approach to technology policy has been fractious and reactive. On its current trajectory — with a shrinking share of global R&D spending, human capital shortfalls, and the rapid rise of a near-peer competitor — the United States cannot continue to coast. America’s ability to harness the emerging technologies that will fuel the 21st century economy to the fullest extent possible is at stake. Falling short would squander economic and societal benefits and expose the United States to avoidable risks and challenges.

Read the full article in The Hill.

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