October 09, 2023

The U.S. Needs to Make Sure Hamas Isn’t a Threat to the Homeland

The Hamas attack on Israeli citizens is tragic. The assault on civilians was grotesque and uncivilized. I mourn the dead, open my heart to their families and friends, and grieve for Israel as a Jewish homeland that has never been able to know lasting peace.

Hamas, Hezbollah and their state-sponsor, Iran, are wholly appropriate foreign intelligence targets, and Section 702 authority should not be degraded while threats from these actors have escalated to the degree of starting a new war in the Middle East.

As a national security professional, however, including having served as a post-9/11-era counterterrorism and intelligence attorney and US Justice Department staffer, the attack’s successful execution by Hamas is angering. It is angering because it is not at all shocking.

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