April 05, 2020

Time for the US to declare independence from China

Americans now know they can’t rely on China or even our allies to produce the goods we need during a pandemic. That’s why it’s time for the United States government to do what it did during the Cold War — pioneer a new approach to manufacturing. One of the most frightening aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the realization that the U.S. is no longer self-sufficient and cannot produce enough of the most basic items needed to protect against and fight the virus. From N95 face masks to ventilators to essential pharmaceuticals, America is dependent on China. Now we watch as China threatens U.S. shortages and uses such trade for geopolitical gain in Italy and elsewhere.

This reliance on China has been a growing concern of the national security community for years, as it watched U.S. dependence on China grow in a range of areas, from military equipment components to rare earth minerals. While we could afford to ignore that uncomfortable recognition for a while, today our short-term critical needs make that impossible.

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