March 16, 2017

Trump admin's 'alpha male' approach hurts men in the end

I’m a man, and a fairly traditional one. I own a drill and can do some home improvement projects, though I get angry at myself when I can’t complete a job. Whiskey is my go to drink. I’d rather have my Orioles win the World Series than have me win the lottery.

My gender is why I consider Sebastian Gorka’s comment about how “alpha males are back” and running U.S. national security so deeply problematic. It’s not just that he’s wrong about gender diversity and organizational performance (he is) or that the sort of macho, shoot from the hip national security he espouses has proven disastrous for the United States (it has).

My problem is that public displays of this sort of fake machismo will make the world a much harder place for men — myself included — in the years and decades to come. Women are on the rise, and have been for a long time. The trend lines are obvious. If women come to believe that us men won’t share the sandbox, that advancement is a zero-sum game, it will become a zero-sum game. And men could lose.

Read the full article at The Hill.

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