May 12, 2017

Trump’s decision to fire Comey

By Phillip Carter

In his wildest dreams, Russian leader (and former Soviet intelligence officer) Vladimir Putin could have never imagined the extent of his success during President Donald Trump’s first five months in office.

Trump’s move on Tuesday to terminate FBI Director James Comey puts another huge point on the scoreboard for Putin — especially given the FBI’s lead role in probing possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Truth be told, though, Russia’s already doing pretty well. In just a few months, Putin’s intrigues have probably influenced the outcome of an American presidential election and produced a basket of spoils for Mother Russia, including bitter feuds between the White House and the CIA, rifts between the US and its allies, damage to the American press’s legitimacy and public standing, a standoff between the White House and the federal courts over immigration orders, and the slow sabotage of American government through neglect and mismanagement.

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