January 26, 2018

Trump's disastrous foreign policy in Asia is the worst since Vietnam

The withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may have been the greatest self-inflicted American foreign policy blunder in Asia since the Vietnam War. Asia is all about business, trade and realism, much more so than any other part of the world.

I know this intimately as a foreign correspondent for three decades for The Atlantic. So, the withdrawal from the trade pact, which was supposed to have been the capstone to the U.S. pivot to Asia, signaled to Asian leaders and elites that America is now less and less a serious, reliable partner.

As one Asian leader said, it was like Asia was led like a bride to the altar and deserted by the groom at the last minute. So it is a good thing that Trump may now be reconsidering his withdrawal from the trade pact.

While China has become irresistible to our Asian allies, the United States under President Donald Trump has become unreliable. China has a vision, a grand strategy, for not only the Asia-Pacific but for Eurasia as a whole.

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