July 27, 2023

US-EU AI Code of Conduct: First Step Towards Transatlantic Pillar of Global AI Governance?

The European Union, G7, United States, and United Kingdom have announced initiatives aiming to establish governance regimes and guidelines around the technology’s use.

Amidst these efforts, an announcement made in late May by EU Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager at the close of the Fourth Trade and Technology Council (TTC) Ministerial in Sweden revealed an upcoming U.S.-EU “AI Code of Conduct.”

The benefits of this approach are clear: the transatlantic partners can promote a foundation for global AI governance that does not encroach on their respective regulatory frameworks.

This measure represents a first step in laying the transatlantic foundations for global AI governance.

The AI Code of Conduct was presented as a joint U.S.-EU initiative to produce a draft set of voluntary commitments for businesses to adopt. It aims to bridge the gap between different jurisdictions by developing a set of non-binding international standards for companies developing AI systems ahead of legislation being passed in any country.

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