February 27, 2017

Alpha Ladies: Madeleine Albright, Michele Flournoy and Wendy Sherman

Susan Glasser: Well, hello, and welcome back to The Global POLITICO. I'm Susan Glasser, and I'm particularly delighted that you're joining us today for this episode of The Global POLITICO, where we're going to do something different: I have three incredible guests who I'm going to introduce by actually starting with a quote first. "It's all going to end on January the 21st," said Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka."Our foreign policy has been a disaster. We've neglected and abandoned our allies. We've emboldened our enemies. The message I have—it's a very simple one. It's a bumper sticker. The era of the pajama boy is over January 20th, and the alpha males are back."

Well, today I have for you perhaps the best collection of alpha ladies, certainly that this show has seen, and, I think, the very best that Washington, you know, has to offer. Madeleine Albright, our first alpha lady. I think she gets to be the commander in chief of the alpha ladies. if you will, and, of course, the first woman secretary of state. Michèle Flournoy, who undoubtedly was and perhaps still is, headed to be the first female secretary of defense, and Ambassador Wendy Sherman, who not only has occupied many senior roles in the State Department but was herself a top adviser to Hillary Clinton, both at the State Department and the campaign.

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