May 16, 2022

War Game in Taiwan: A “home game” for China, an “away game” for the U.S.

The year is 2027 and China has decided to attack Taiwan and bring the island nation under direct control. Now the U-S has to answer: do we fight for Taiwan’s freedom? How far are we willing to go? And will allies support us?

Those are the questions we ask in this week’s season finale of “Meet the Press Reports.” We staged a full-day war game to help envision what a battle for Taiwan might look like…and what it would mean for both sides to win or lose.

ED McGrady and Becca Wasser from the Center for New American Security join Chuck to talk about our war game, pitting China and the U.S. in a war over Taiwan. Ed is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the CNAS Defense Program and Becca is a fellow in the defense program and co-lead of the Gaming Lab at CNAS.

Listen to the full podcast from The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press.

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