February 07, 2014

Charting the Contours of Asia’s Megatrends

By Alexander Sullivan

CNAS Research Associate Alexander Sullivan examines seven major trends shaping Asia-Pacific security and the U.S. rebalance to Asia in Charting the Contours of Asia’s Megatrends. Mr. Sullivan argues that “China’s rise has also caused deep uncertainty in regional capitals” due to its military modernization and involvement in political disputes surrounding territory and maritime claims. He recommends an “inclusive, rules-based system that includes a prosperous and open China” in order for the Asia-Pacific region to continue peacefully thriving.

  • Alexander Sullivan

    Adjunct Fellow, Asia-Pacific Security Program

    Alexander Sullivan is an Adjunct Fellow in the Asia-Pacific Security Program, where he focuses on US-China relations, maritime security, regional military modernization and U....

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