January 25, 2010

Contested Commons: The Future of American Power in a Multipolar World

Contested Commons is an edited volume featuring five chapters and a capstone piece on the future of American power in the sea, air, space and cyberspace. Authors include CNAS Fellow Abraham M. Denmark, Dr. James Mulvenon, Frank Hoffman, CNAS Military Fellow Lt Col Kelly Martin (USAF), Oliver Fritz, Eric Sterner, Dr. Greg Rattray, Chris Evans, Jason Healey, and CNAS Senior Fellow Robert D. Kaplan.

Chapters include:

The Future of American Power in a Multipolar World
By Abraham Denmark and Dr. James Mulvenon

The Maritime Commons in the neo-Mahanian Era
By Frank Hoffman

Sustaining the Air Commons
By Lt Col Kelly Martin (USAF) and Oliver Fritz

Beyond the Stalemate in the Space Commons
By Eric Sterner

American Security in the Cyber Commons
By Dr. Greg Rattray, Chris Evans and Jason Healey

Power Plays in the Indian Ocean: The Maritime Commons in the 21st Century
By Robert D. Kaplan


  • Abraham M. Denmark

  • Robert D. Kaplan

    Adjunct Senior Fellow

    Robert D. Kaplan is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, originally joining the Center in March 2008. He is the bestselling author of eighteen b...