February 04, 2010

CORDS and the Whole of Government Approach

Small Wars Journal Volume 6, No. 1 includes the winners of Question #2 from our writing competition. Look for Question #1 winners in the next issue very soon. Congratulations to:

$3,000 Grand Prize winner, CORDS and the Whole of Government Approach: Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Beyond, by Richard Weitz, Ph.D.
•$500 Honorable Mention, Getting Past the First Cup of Tea, by J. Andrew Person
•$500 Honorable Mention, Examining the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Civil Military Operations: A Small Power Securing Military Relevancy in Nontraditional Military Roles, by Delilah Russell

We are also pleased to present:

•Clio in Combat, The Transformation of Military History Operations, by LTC John A Boyd, Ph.D., US Army
•Task Force Stryker, Network Revolution, by CPT Jonathan Pan, US Army
•Book Review of Ben S. Malcolm's White Tigers, My Secret War in North Korea. Reviewed by MAJ Bradford Burris
•Haiti: Boots on the Ground Perspective, by Col Buck Elton, USAF


  • Richard Weitz