January 19, 2010

Engaging the Private Sector for the Public Good: The Power of Network Diplomacy

By Kristin M. Lord

Engaging the Private Sector for the Public Good: The Power of Network Diplomacy, by CNAS Vice President and Director of Studies Dr. Kristin Lord, makes a compelling case for how the State Department could embrace network diplomacy by creating an independent organization – called USA•World Trust – that would unleash the power of the private sector to further America’s public diplomacy objectives. The USA•World Trust could help build the public and private partnerships needed to further national interests and tackle 21st century challenges in ways the State Department alone cannot.

“Network diplomacy will not be easy. It will require the State Department to recognize that an organization such as the USA•World Trust is in its interest and would provide it with a powerful new set of tools,” writes Lord. “But network diplomacy is precisely the concept America needs to engage the rest of the world more persuasively and credibly.”


  • Kristin M. Lord

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