January 19, 2010

Learning from Experience: Lessons from the QDR for the QDDR

By Brian Burton

Learning from Experience: Lessons from the QDR for the QDDR, authored by CNAS Research Associate Brian Burton, lays out lessons learned from the Department of Defense’s Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) – which outlines defense priorities and strategy and relates them to the military’s force structure, modernization plans, and budget – that the State Department and USAID can learn from to optimize the review process and avoid common pitfalls. 

“Despite substantial differences in mission, personnel, resources, and culture between the DOD and civilian agencies, a QDR-type process is an effective way of tackling serious questions about State and USAID’s strategies going forward and the institutional changes they need to make to better execute their missions,” writes Burton. “Navigating this process will be challenging but ultimately worthwhile if it can serve as the first step toward revitalizing the diplomatic and development instruments America needs.”

  • Brian Burton

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