January 30, 2015

Nuclear Weapons in the Third Offset Strategy: Avoiding a Nuclear Blind Spot in the Pentagon’s New Initiative

By Elbridge Colby

Robert M. Gates Fellow Elbridge Colby argues that the Third Offset Strategy focus on how nuclear weapons will factor into the warfighting “regime” the new initiative envisions. Mr. Colby recommends the Pentagon "must studiously think through how the offset strategy can be shaped and implemented to deter, discourage and, if need be, control for and respond to adversary nuclear employment."

The report is part of the Center's Beyond Offset project, which examines the challenges of U.S. technology strategy and advance candidate solutions for the Pentagon and industry.

  • Elbridge Colby

    Former Director, Defense Program

    Elbridge Colby is the former Director of the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security, where he led CNAS’ work on defense issues. Previously, Colby served as ...

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