September 24, 2009

CNAS CEO Nathaniel Fick's Opening Remarks at "China's Arrival: The Long March to Global Power" - Transcript

China’s rise is one of the most significant geopolitical events in modern history, with important ramifications for U.S. interests, regional power balances, and the international order. As the Obama administration confronts a broad set of worldwide challenges, questions remain as to how the United States should engage China amidst uncertainty about its long-term intentions and how to balance this important relationship against concerns regarding China’s behavior in the international community.

The event marked the release of CNAS' new report, China's Arrival: A Strategic Framework for a Global Relationship, which examines the ever expanding U.S.-China relationship and proposes a strategy for future engagement.  There to discuss the report and the important issues it raises was a distinguished panel of leading Asia and national security experts including Dr. Patrick Cronin, Abraham Denmark, Dr. Michael Green, and Robert Kaplan. Providing remarks on the Obama Administration’s vision for the future of the U.S.-China relationship was U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James B. Steinberg, a long-time Asia expert and leading Washington decision-maker on Asia policy.